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Let There Be Light

September 25, 2013

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Fir De Fer floor lamp by Lighting 55
It has been a week now since the light bulb post on the side of our home along the street was broken.  It does need to be replaced.  We have already spoken to our barangay tanod regarding this matter.  Sadly, until now, he has not taken any actions regarding this.  This is a project of our local barangay, so it should be fixed by the barangay chairman in charge.  This is one of the many problems in our country.  We have very, very poor public service with lots of corruption.

Due to poor compliance regarding this matter, we decided to “buy a light bulb” to replace the old one.  We already waited for too long for the barangay chairman to take action regarding this matter, but there wasn't any action being done.  Browsing through the internet, I have seen so many durable light bulb and fixtures like louis poulsen light fixtures.  We already need a light bulb replacement done today, so we bought one at the nearest DIY Shop for less than 100 pesos.  We also asked a very kind neighbor manong to put the new light bulb at that post.  Thankfully, this has already been fixed.

Sadly, we are truly disappointed about the governance of our local barangay officials regarding simple issues like this.