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Genesis Team – Online Jobs for Creatives

February 25, 2014

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Genesis team
An avid reader of this blog once suggested a year ago for me to form a team.  That team he visualized will be a team of enthusiastic, patient, result oriented, and creative people.  But, I wasn't ready during that time since this website still ‘fresh’ I mean new and I don’t have any idea yet when and how to begin formulating this kind of team.

The team I have in mind will be called “Genesis.”  I coined it from the Bible which means ‘the beginning’.  Why Genesis?  Because I believe that everything starts from small beginnings and in every beginning is the first step that leads to a promising fruitful future.  What will Genesis team do?  Genesis team main tasks will involve handling online jobs such as virtual assistance, transcription (general/medical), creative writing (article/blog/eBook review/press release), and graphic design (eBook cover/logo/banner) giving clients 100% satisfaction.

Any person who has a background in doing virtual assistance, transcription, creative writing, and graphic design may apply.  For interested applicants, please email your cover letter and resume at artanddesignbypa@gmail.com.

For interested clients looking for a team like us, the Genesis team, to handle online tasks such as stated above, please send your proposal via artanddesignbypa@gmail.com.