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Ber Months at Last

September 23, 2013

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Christmas ornament decoration
At last, it is now ‘ber’ months!  I’m so excited for the coming special holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.  During these occasions, the child within me comes to life, a child that is filled with wonder, fun and joy.

I still can remember doing ‘trick or treat’ when I was four together with my friends in our grandparent’s house and they spook us with scary masks on their faces which got me scared and can’t sleep for that night.  I really miss it because doing this is really fun.

Since we settled for good here in the Philippines, I miss Thanksgiving a lot.  We don’t celebrate this occasion here.  Thanksgiving always reminds me of that special flavorful baked turkey with other savory foods on the table during that night, which I am missing the most.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always all about the spirit of joy and laughter and gift giving especially here in my country.  It is always a tradition in our home to set the Christmas tree during the ‘ber’ months.  I am now starting to surf the internet looking for ‘unique’ decorative stuffs to add.  I think christmas ornaments sale here can be seen in so many different department stores nationwide now.  During these occasions, it is always like fiesta because there are so many Filipino foods set on the table like lechon, sweet ham, pancit, and a lot more. What I like about New Year celebration here is the fireworks display during the countdown at night.