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Because of you - I was changed for the better

August 19, 2013

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bloody hell, digital art by Pa Ul
Is there someone in this world that has changed your life for the better?  Someone that you said out loud 'Because of you...I was changed for the better'.  Have you met such a person?  Have you wondered what life could have been if you haven't met that person, that stranger, that friend, that foe, that lover, that neighbor, that doctor, that nurse, that teacher, that preacher, that witness, that judge or sometimes the one that could have changed you for the better wasn't even a person or a thing.

It might have been a pet dog or a cat.  It can be a hobby or an interest.  It can be anything or anyone under the sun.  It can be material or immaterial.  It can be a place or a memory, or a pleasant surprise or winning the lottery.  It can be faith, hope, love, success, or relationships.  It can be intangible or tangible or not at all.  It can be a challenge, a past experience.  Winning, loosing or overcoming a fear.  Anything and everything that has changed your life.  So long as it changed you for the better then there shouldn't be a cause for any argument.

Be this phrase be material or immaterial so long as that someone, something, anything has changed your life for the better then both of us are cool.  But let us not ignore what others say that changed should come from the person himself.

As I read this phrase I decided to reverse it 'Because of you - I was changed for the better' then to my surprise all along I was waiting for that someone to change me where, in fact, it should be the other way around.  I just need to reverse the phrase and voila.

There goes my answer.  'I was changed for the better - Because of you' pointing my finger to myself.  Now I know that to change one should do it himself.

How about you?  Would you like to fill in the blank because of you...