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I Got the Red ID – Readying Myself to Get a Driver’s License

July 08, 2013

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student permit
A day before I purchased my scooter, I went to the nearest Land Transportation Office (LTO) in our town here in the Philippines to get a student permit, which I will use in order to drive my new scooter bike.  But, this will restrict me to drive my vehicle alone.  I still needed to be accompanied by someone with a professional driver’s license wherever I want to go.

Doing all the process is entirely a very simple task.  It took me about 2 hours in completion to get my student permit.  My cousin told me to bring my birth certificate or a valid BIR ID with TIN number.  Since I already used my birth certificate for my passport renewal last year, I only bring my BIR ID for the application process requirement.  I forgot to bring a writing pen, so I bought one for 9 pesos at a nearest store outside the LTO office.

I then piled up at window 4 to ask for a student permit application and eventually got the application form.  The authorized personnel there asked my name and birth certificate.  I honestly stated that I forgot to bring a birthday certificate instead I have a valid BIR ID in my wallet.  He also asked me to print a copy of my BIR ID.  So, I went outside the LTO office again and looked for a nearby xerox copier machine.  Luckily, I found one just at the back of the office.  So, I handed my BIR ID to the machine operator and paid 2 pesos for one copy.

I went back to the LTO office, sat on a chair, and filled up the application form.  After I've done this, I went back to window 4 and handed over the application form, xerox copy of my BIR ID, and the actual ID.  I went back to sit again in order to wait for my name to be called for photo shoot.

After a few minutes my name was called and I went to window 6 for the photo shoot and signature.  I don’t like my student permit form photo copy me wearing my reading eyeglasses, so I removed it for the photo shoot.  This only took for about a few minutes.

I went back to sit again and waited for my name to be called in the cashier section.  I already prepared 317.63 pesos for the student permit which includes application fee (P100.00), computer fee (P67.63), and student permit fee (P150.00).

In a few minutes my named was called in Window 7.  So, I paid this fee.  Then I sat again on a chair to wait for name to be called in Window 5 to get the student permit.  After a few minutes finally my name was called in Window 5 then I paid P25.00 for the red ID holder and got my student permit form with a copy of the receipt.

This is the simplest process in getting a student permit here in the Philippines.  The number of windows differs depending on your locality, but overall, the entire method and requirements are the same anywhere in the Philippines.

The student permit is a prerequisite in getting a non-professional license or professional license.  This is a different thing, which I will discuss soon once I've got my non-professional or professional driver’s license.

Be aware and beware of fixers.  Why?  You might get into trouble if you do the process with them.  So, it is advised to get inside the office, read the instructional bulletin boards posted, and follow.