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Break-in – a Newbie Biker Down the Road

July 10, 2013

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scooter bike of Pa Ul
At last, I finally purchased my very own brand new scooter motorbike.  It is a mixture of red and black color with intricate designs.  Among other top contenders (brands) similar to my bike, I chose this one.  Why?    It’s cheaper compared to other brands.  The cost of maintenance is very affordable.  Since it is brand new and under warranty regarding its parts and services, I don’t have to worry about it.  The consumption of gas is very ideal.  The gas tank is about 3.5 liters.  I only needed 50+ pesos per liter, which I can use in a week or two.  Overall, I like this bike.

The reason I bought this scooter is mainly to use it as a transportation vehicle to nearby places.  Definitely, I will use it in scenarios like if I would like to shop for foods and other things at a nearby mall or at the wet/dry market.  Also, I will use this whenever I like to go to nearby places in neighboring towns, eat in restaurants, go to my friends and relatives houses on special occasions, meet people, and more.

The shop says I needed at least 500 km before changing its oil.  Of course, I have a professional tutor who teaches me about basic principles and techniques regarding driving a scooter bike.  Also, my tutor taught me some safety tips in driving, the bike’s mechanisms, and the rules that I must follow when driving down the road.

Bloopers while studying to drive are as follows:  We burst into laughter when the gas meter and distant meter suddenly became dysfunctional during our practice session.  The left and right light signals were not working properly.  We ended up emptying the gas tank and needed to push the motorbike a few blocks to get to the nearest gas station.

Since my bike is only a week old, it definitely needed some adjustments and calibrations.  After we completely filled the gas tank, we went home and returned back to the shop where I bought this vehicle and let the machinists do their thing to fix my bike.

Eventually in just two days I quickly learned how to drive my scooter on my own.  The advantage of which I have is that I already know how to balance the scooter bike since I know how to drive a bicycle ever since I was a kid.  My tutor and I only made about 150 km and were 350 km short out of the targeted 500 km.   So, a few days more will be allotted to break-in my very own beautiful scooter bike.

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