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The Way by Jean du Plessis

June 26, 2013

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Book of Wayism
Jean du Plessis is an accomplished author.  He is a strong believer of Wayism.  Most people knew Wayism is a form of religious sect but it is not.  According to him, “Wayism is the purpose of life and not a religion.”  “It is the way,” he uttered.  It is about simplicity, humility, compassion, respect to all and peace.  It is the key in knowing the purpose of our existence and life after death.

In Wayism, his spiritual name is Acharya +Yajn.   Since 12 years of age, he was a student of yogi philosophy.  Yogi is known as yoga which means “mind over matter.”  It is a form of meditative state.  Through this, he became well versed about Upanishads and Sri Gita.  This is the classical form of Indian spirituality.

He dreamed of making a difference.  So, he embraced Christianity and was ordained as one of the ministers in Christian faith and beliefs.  In search of his true calling, he had given up his Christian beliefs.  Eventually, he studied Indian teachings in India.

In 2000, he was bestowed as +Yajn then sent to Canada to teach this ministry to western people.  He states that the most challenging places on earth to share the gospel are Canada and US.  Why?  “Most of the people living there don’t believe in God or non-Christian believers,” he said.  According to him, this is because of their strong materialistic beliefs rather than the spiritual way of living influenced by continuous modernization and changes in the society.

He kept a low-profile status for a decade unknown in the eyes of the media.  He hosts spiritual groups and a speaker at various seminars throughout the world.  Sometimes, he author’s books under several names, a pen name per se.

Now, it is the right time to unleash about Jean du Plessis especially the great things that he is doing for the good of humanity.

Presently, there were notions that he is planning to open up satsang for girls and women in Cambodia.  Satsang is a traditional way of engaging with a sage (a spiritual leader).  How?  Through reading or singing in a spiritual worship.

He is the executive director and spiritual leader of International Association of Wayist Organization.  He is also the founder of The House Group in South Africa for 10 years in order to save 1000+ street girls from abuse, maltreatment, and other cruel doings.  He is a member of the boards of the Wayist Media & Publishing.  He is a resident archarya of Sarnia Wayist Center.  Further information about him can be found in his Amazon page, G+, Blog, and various videos online.

Since he is a prolific writer/author, he began to self-published his first book.  His book is amazing which can only be purchased in Amazon entitled Wayism.  This is basically about the teachings and beliefs of +Yajn on Wayism and how to incorporate this teaching into our daily lives.

His vision is endless, so he needed our support. Imagine what greater impact of his teachings will be in the society.