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Perfect Time to Write

June 29, 2013

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time to write
A friend online once asked me this query, “When is the perfect time to write?”  She was inspired by the simplicity on how I write articles on this website.  Despite my limitations as a writer and my imperfect English grammar usage still people love to read my articles basing on this website’s stats and visitors.

I then asked myself the same query. “When and how do I write?” I said.  It took me a few minutes in front of a blank sheet MS Word document to think and evaluate.  Here are my points of view about it.

Some writers are driven by their emotions which became a positive outlet to write an interesting article, book, eBook or any form of written material.  Some are driven by peaceful calm scenery of silence and peace like the vastness of a sunny weather in the middle of a calm blue sea.

The second one is my driving force every time I start to write. I always thought of this state.  Besides the calm blue sea, there are numerous other elements that affect my emotions.  As long as I can feel I’m emotionally calm and mentally peaceful, I always make sure that there are no distractions at that moment when I start to write.

People can easily be inspired to something or someone.  This could be in the form of a written book or eBook or short story and sometimes even what we hear and see in the television or gadgets (mobile phone, laptop).  It can easily influence our emotions.  Perhaps that person did something that is really great or wrote something that affects our emotion or maybe we idolize that person.  Through this, it became our great influencer to write or start to write.

Among this people one is Paulo Coehlo.  His inspirational quotes and thoughts are my encouraging force to write.  Sometimes quotes that I just encountered in social media and sometimes books I continuously read from time to time like the Bible or A Purpose Driven Life or a new one.  I learn a lot from other authors and writers not to the point I’m copying their style of writing but as a means of writing my own.

People do write the best when they're in a state of time being constraint.  For example, when a deadline is almost up it becomes a pressure point to concentrate more in order to complete the written piece on or before the deadline.  I have encountered this numerous times.  Luckily, I always meet deadlines every time I do essay writing service reviews.

Writing is really fun to do.  You have all the freedom to transpire in words about your thoughts and emotions.  It is the core responsibility of any writer to write honestly with integrity keeping in mind the good and bad effects it will cause to anyone who will read it.