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I Redesigned the Bathroom

June 05, 2013

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I am very choosy regarding the interior design of my own simple yet comfortable house.  The previous layout of the main bathroom needed a little tweak so I redesigned it.  This was two years ago.

I thought of a theme that suits what is my definition of a comfortable pinoy bathroom.  The truth is I stay for about an hour or two in the bathroom reading eBooks or using my mobile phone to surf the net and sometimes belting my favorite karaoke songs while taking a bath.

The theme I created is called “refreshment.”  Why?  I believe that a lavatory should be a room where we feel refreshed after taking a shower or using the toilet, worry free and stress free.  So, I thought of a cool refreshing water scenery.  After formulating this idea, I sketched my design into a piece of paper then went to a nearby depot to choose and buy the materials that I want in order to conceptualize the outcome of the final design.

I chose bubbly blue small rectangular tiles for the four corners of the wall then a stylish toilet with wash basin that has intricate design. I didn't include a bath vanity because of the small space.  The color of the floor that I chose was pure white.  I added some silver metallic accessories for the shower.  Finally, the sliding glass door that separates the shower room was custom built and designed.  The door was a white colored door with a small glass tinted painting.

It turns out to be a lavish yet simple bathroom that I really like to use.