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Artists Must Join Online Galleries

June 12, 2013

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Saatchi Gallery
The Internet is filled mostly of audio and visual entity in order to entertain, inform or educate.  Mostly, these are texts, videos and photos.  A greater number are creativity related coined from various designers, photographers, and artists throughout the world.  People really are engaged mostly to what they see more than anything else.  So, in today’s cyberspace, it is a must for any artist either famous or newbie to join online galleries.


The Market
The market is huge!  People in all walks of life browse the Internet through search engines from time-to-time using any gadgets like mobile phone, laptop or personal computer.  The probability of making a sale is likely greater especially if you exhibit or join a popular, reputable, established online gallery like Saatchionline.com, a well-known British gallery in United Kingdom where the famous living English artist Damien Hirts of Young British Artists emerged and became successful.

Building Relationships
An online gallery ties relationship between the artists and the market (collectors, enthusiasts, educators, curators).  With an embedded link to the artist’s website and contact information, the market has easy access on making direct social interactions with any artists.  And at the same time, this relationship creates trust, respect, credibility and reputation.

One of the simplest ways to be famous is through online galleries.  In order to gain fame, an artist should give.  To do this, an artist should give online galleries virtual information and photos of himself and his creations either by email or by doing it by himself through instructions provided by the gallery.

The above-mentioned ideas are the advantages of joining online galleries.  Here are some minor disadvantages.

Since we are on a virtual world, the competition is very tight between artists in a global perspective.  Some artists build relationship first.  This is an online social interaction shared between an artist and the market.  They say, “If this has been established successfully the market will follow.”

Once a photo of your artwork has been scattered throughout the Internet, there is a greater probability that anyone will use it either in a print form or as a visual entity online posting to any sites.  The problem lies on how they use it and where.  Even the Internet gods doesn't really have control of such actions by any Internet users.

Ghost Galleries
These are “wanna be” galleries which were created solely to gain profit from a poor hopeful artist.  Some don’t really have any existing galleries, exhibitions, activities other than a website.  So be choosy of what online gallery you want to join.  Before joining such galleries, gather information online or ask other artists you know regarding it.  If you have proven and believe that they’re just hoax then look for other galleries to join.

The Internet is vastly evolving and shaping the art world too.  Who knows, you might be the next Picasso or Hirts because of this.  So believe, give your best, keep on creating, and joining online galleries.