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The Slippers I like the Most

March 26, 2013

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black slippers photo
After paying my bills today I went to the nearby mall to eat lunch.  I ate Bunch of Lunch and a mango shake at Shakeys.  My stomach was so full after eating all of those.  I then decided to rest for awhile inside that fast food.  After a few minutes of rest, I decided to walk around the mall to see new things that are for sale and on sale, window shop.  I happened to pass by Sandugo which is one of my favorite brands of “tsinelas” slippers.

Then I saw this pair of black slippers which is size eight.  I scrutinized its intricate unique design and worn one slipper to test if I feel comfortable using it.  I handed over the slippers to the seller, asked about the tag price, and asked for a bargain.  I even asked if it’s on sale and how much is the discount.

Sadly, it is fix price and not on sale.  Despite of this, I bought it.  Why?  Because of its quality which I can attest for it.  I’ve been using Sandugo’s slippers for many years and I got an old one like this.  Yes, I still have the old one, but it’s almost four years old and it is still usable until now.

Instead of using the old one, I bought a new pair of slippers.  I’ve got a hunch that I’ll be walking a lot during my trip to Hong Kong.  In order to make myself comfortable while walking, I bought a new pair of slippers, which I will bring and wear on April.

I admit that I also like other brands of slippers.  One of the brands I like to try to wear is Abercrombie & Fitch brown leather slippers.  Sadly, I didn’t find any yet nearby and it is a little more costly than Sandugo.  The slippers are enticing to wear and it looks like comfortable to wear.  Though I don’t have six-pack abs, I think I will look a little cutter if I’m going to wear this.