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One cured, does this mean this is the end of HIV?

March 15, 2013

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Reading through the news online in the Internet, a great leap for mankind to fight against the world’s top dreaded disease to date, human immunodeficiency virus aka HIV finally been revealed.  After merely three decades of scientific research and development for possible cure, a newly born baby girl was miraculously clinically “cured” through standard antiretroviral medical drug therapy Interferon in the United States according to news and doctors from Children’s Hospital, Mississippi.  The mother of this child was a positive HIV patient in which inflicted the virus to her newly born eventually after giving birth decided to give an 18-month drug treatments for her child but didn’t completed the treatment.  After 5-months upon return for a recent check-up, doctors presumed that the child will get worse, but through further clinically laboratory tests the virus was found to be clinically not replicating, positively no signs of infection and said to be cured.

According to Dr. Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre in Mississippi, “We believe that early Interferon treatment prevented replication of viral reservoirs that causes infection of the viral cells by targeting T cells CD4.”  The child is said to be “functionally cured” which only means the HIV virus is no longer infectious and found to be ineffective to replicate.

In United Kingdom, early tests and treatment for a mother with HIV has already been done during the past years.  But in this very rare “cured” case of an infected child, it is said that it has something to do with the child’s genetic makeup, which doctors and scientists are undergoing data analysis.  Once scientific method on eradicating the virus from HIV positive newly born has been established and further cases like this did happen then we can assume that cure for HIV has begun or this is the end of HIV.  These also enlightened further development on finding cure for teen and/or adult HIV cases.

As of yet still the best way to fight against such dreaded disease is through prevention by having safe love making, use of condoms, and living a healthy lifestyle plus exercise and diet.