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Remembering Math, English, Science especially recess

February 08, 2013

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I am a student and at the same a tutor today.  Why?  I am teaching my nephew Andrei to review him in preparation for his upcoming elementary periodic exams.  His mother Anita is busy so I’m the one in charge to teach him his lessons.

I asked Andrei to get his books in Math, English and Science.  I then asked him the pages that we should start the review.  First, we reviewed Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, General) which is my favorite elementary and high school subject consequently we reviewed English and lastly Math which is the hardest subject to teach.  In Science, we tackle about the Solar Systems and I guess Andrei comprehended it well.  In English, we reviewed about basic subject and verb agreement in which I have mentioned simple sentences as an example.  And lastly, in Math we thoroughly reviewed about elementary basic geometry which consumed most of our time reviewing.

Teaching a child school lessons are fun to do.  In return, I was refreshed about the school subjects I used to love when I was his age and I guess until now.  Most especially, the recess, hehehe.  Any pupil or student couldn't resist loving recess in order to have a break time especially when hungry.  And yes this isn't a school subject but it can teach a pupil or student on how to be sociable to school mates and close friends at school.

It took us about two hours to review these subjects.  And we spent a lot of time more on geometry.  I even surf the Internet about geometry help online to refresh my memory about the subject we are dealing with.  To tell you the truth, I am not good in Math when I was his age but I excel in Science and English and even won some school quiz bees.

I forgot to mention about MAPE (Music, Arts and Physical Education) which is my top most priority during those years since I am a creative person ever since I was a child.  I think Andrei acquired my talent in MAPE.  As I can observe in his doodles and drawings, they are really good and creative.

Back to the teaching lessons, after Math and finally covering up all the lessons for his exam we then rested and went to the mall to have fun.  I bet I did my best to teach him the simplest way possible that he could understand about his lessons.  And I am pretty sure Andrei will pass his exams next week.