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I almost die for Hundred Islands

February 03, 2013

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Hundred Islands photo

Are you looking for a very affordable getaway escape for peaceful serenity?  Then you “must visit” the Hundred Islands of Alaminos Pangasinan, Philippines.  The truth is, “It is more fun in the Philippines!”  Summer is in bloom during these months of January till May.  Our country’s tropical paradise offers lots of fun and exciting adventures.  With its numerous beaches and resorts, you will surely enjoy visiting here.  That’s why I decided to visit the Hundred Islands today.  I want to embrace nature at its best to have fun.  Also to try the experiences of exciting thrilling adventure close with nature.

Hundred Islands photo
Pa Ul and Hundred Islands
Pa Ul stairs photo
Pa Ul at the summit

Travel Time
It will only take a few hours stress-free travel from Manila to Alaminos.  You can choose to travel by public bus or private vans/cars.  I took a public bus to travel because it’s cheap.  I love to see people and places along the road.  It only cost about 400-500 pesos to ride in a bus.

logo of the island
Budget and Expenses
It is really very affordable and cheap to travel here.  Prepare a budget for bus, foods, tricycle, crafts, boat.  At least 2000-3000 pesos is enough per person in 1-2 days.  About the boats it comes in two packages, day tour or overnight.  Day tour with P20.00 entrance fee per head, small boat 1-5 persons (P800.00), medium boat 6-10 persons (P1000.00), large boat 11-15 (P1100.00).  Overnight tour with P40.00 entrance fee per head, small boat 1-5 persons (P1400.00), medium boat 6-10 persons (P1800.00), big boat11-15 persons  (P2000.00).

What to bring?
Bring pocket money, T-shirts, pants, underwear, foods, snacks, slippers and towels.  Also, bring plastic bag for trashes and your backpack for easy travel.  For campers, bring tent, Swiss knife, and flashlights.

There are hundreds of islands and you’re only allowed to see the best.  Governor, Lopez, Marcos, Imelda, Children are the islands you must see.  My friend and I swam and ate at the Lopez Island.  Here, we met cute friendly Egan and his two friends.  They are 20 something youth from Israel camping at this island.

Pa Ul island photo
Pa Ul island photo
Pa Ul island photo
Pa Ul island photo
Once you already have the stuffs you need you’re ready to go.  You need to ride another vehicle in order to go to Lucap.  The vehicle you need is a tricycle for only 100 pesos.  Just tell the tricycle driver you’re going to Lucap at pantalan.  Lucap a pantalan is the docking station for the boats.  Once you’re there, register and rent boat at Philippine Tourism Authority.  Where?  Must look for the “Welcome to Hundred Islands” wall logo.  At the back of this, you will see the PTA’s office.  Register then pay 800 pesos for the regular size boat.  Don’t rent a boat from a colorum, an unregistered boat.  Now you’re ready to go for a 30-minute boat ride.  Truly, it’s about 30 minutes before you get to the islands.  Some bangkero a boat driver will offer additional 200 pesos.  In order to hop from island to island, they offer this.  So, avail it to indulge yourself to see more islands.  Don’t forget to wear your “life vest” while riding in the boat.

Lucap lighthouse photo
docking station photo
bridge island photo
Pa Ul cave photo
Pa Ul cave photo
Imelda Island lagoon photo

There are a lot to choose from depending on what you want.  When you are already in the bus station, go to the mall.  You can buy foods and stuffs in the grocery store or market.  The wet and dry market is just under the mall itself.  Here you can buy cooked foods, snacks, fruits, fish, vegetables, etc.

breakfast photo
hot chocolate photo
longganisa rice egg photo
fruit snack photo
fish egg photo
bulalo food photo

Souvenirs like seashell crafts, printed T-shirts, hats are among the few.  You can only buy souvenirs at Lucap, the boat docking station.  You can offer a bargain with the vendor regarding the price tag.  Buy only what you like at least one or a few.

seashell crafts photo

Fun and Adventure
Besides island hopping and boating, there are lots of things to do while in the islands.  Diving or snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, beach bumping, sunbathing, surfing, trek, cave hunting, camping, and sunset/sunrise watching are among the few.  I really enjoyed my day doing all these stuffs in the islands.

Leave Manila at 12:00 a.m. to reach Lucap by 6:00 a.m.
Bring your own snorkel.  P100.00 per snorkel if you're going to rent here.
Do all fun and adventure listed above to enjoy.
You may bring your mobile phones with Globe or Smart providers.
Bring plenty of water to drink.

photo in boat
guy beach photo
funny photo

So, how did I almost die for Hundred Islands?  Our first stop for our island hopping was in Governor’s Island.  I patiently climbed the 100-step stairs there to reach the summit.  I like to see the whole Hundred Islands to take pictures.  When I’m up there, I felt exhausted, panting for air, heart palpitating.  This took about 15-20 minutes but eventually I survived it.  Despite of the unexpected situation, I’m glad I’ve been here.  I almost die for Hundred Islands because of the scenery.  I fell in love with the whole scenery that I have seen.  I fell in love with the white sand beaches of each island.  Though I’m in a cosy heat of the sun, I never mind.  It really alleviates my stress and I felt very happy.

In order to get there here is the map.

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