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Cellphone battery in crisis

February 07, 2013

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mobile phone on repair photo
Sigh.  Sadly my mobile phone is broken.  I tried to troubleshoot it a few weeks ago and still it is not working or turning on.  I mean the power doesn’t work, in fact, not responding to everything I am doing from its knob at the right side.  As a last resort, I opened up my laptop to check its battery thinking of which perhaps it’s the problem.  To my dismay, sadly the battery is really the problem.  Not that it is uncharged but it is already worn out in which it has popped up and developing some form of lump surface where it should normally be flat.  Sigh.  I wish rechargeable aa battery could replace it but cellphone batteries are very unique in size, shape, color and design in every various types of mobile phones.

Then I jumped into my computer to read articles if there is any possibility that it can still be fixed.  Unlike aa batteries in which you can still use it by merely freezing it into the refrigerator for a few hours but this one isn’t.  According to search engines via the Internet, it must be replaced ASAP because it is positively useless.  The problem is I don’t have budget to buy a new cellphone battery as of yet so I waited for a few weeks to do this.

Today, I have bought a new mobile battery in the nearby mall.  The vendor and I tried to place and check the new battery in my phone if it is working.  But something went wrong, it didn’t work.  I mean the power switch doesn’t work.  So, we suspected something is wrong with the mobile phone.  We tried other new batteries still it doesn’t work.  Sigh.  Another problem, I said to myself.  And so I decided to buy the new battery and went to a nearby repair shop to ask what’s wrong with my CP.

The technician told me that the power switch is broken.  I felt sad when I heard this.  I was so excited that my phone will be okay once I replace the old battery but to my dismay not at all.  And the technician also told me that the power knob must be fixed and will cost about 200 pesos.  And so, I decided to let it fixed today and watch the technician opens up my mobile phone to be repaired.

After a few minutes or so it is now doing fine and working normally.  The power switch is now fixed and my mobile phone once again is useful.  I love this tiny little touch screen phone so much because I usually use it to read and browse e-mails, view and read updates on my social networks, receive and make a call, read text messages, etc.