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Why I upgraded this website’s template?

January 19, 2013

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interesting photo art
first website template of Pa Ul (2011-2012)
This is a tough decision to make considering the fact that readers and viewers of this website get used to jQuery designed template which undeniably attractive because of the scrolling front page it conveys in a whole desktop size varieties of creative photos, but I have to give it up now in which I decided to upgrade it with this current free template design.  Why?

According to Alexa and other analytic sites, traffic ranking of this website is doing great sadly its average loading time is “very slow” which is a great influencer to anyone who browse this website.  So, in conclusion, if a website has a slow loading time, it is very unlikely to be visited by readers in spite of whatever “catchy” creative template design it has or interesting contents it contain.  Because of this reason, a need to redesign this template is a must have.  Now, as you can see, it loads a little faster than before.  I’m crossing my fingers and hopeful that a few weeks or months from now Alexa and other analytic sites will update this website’s loading time to a better one.

As we all know jQuery is great especially for showing up creative photos of your art or photography in slides, but it has disadvantages.  One of the major factor of which is the speed of a website to show up on the screen either fast or slow and very dependent on the KB or MB of each photos added for the slides either in a PC, laptop, iPod, cell phone or tablet.  Now, I have chosen a very simple minimalistic design.  Why?  As you can see, this template looks like a reading site but incorporated within it is my creative side as an artist and as a writer and because I do believe in these quotes that “simple is more” and “content is king.”

Because of you
Yup, it is because of you that’s why this website’s template has been upgraded and I thank you.  For one thing, I wanted it for you to easily navigate this site in terms of speed (loading time) and browse to read contents (pages, categories, etc.) and since some of you e-mailed me and posted a comment regarding this.  Any other suggestions are welcome in order to improve this website.

So, in conclusion, if one has a website needing for an upgrade in terms of this sort of issue then consider the above reasons in doing so.  This may be a 180-degree turning point decision to make, the results would be lucrative for both parties, readers and website owner.