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To tweet, or not to tweet: that is the question:

January 26, 2013

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Waking up in the morning could never be so wonderful without Twitter.  I am beginning to like twitting now which completes my day.  Yes, I am a newbie in twitting tweets and making friends.  I guess, I am learning a lot through reading articles online.  I admit there’s much more for me to learn in twitting.

Twitter is better than any other social media.  It is very simple to use and very easy to understand.  With its powerful 120-character “tweet” you can disseminate any information.  You may send direct message, favorite tweets, and post your own tweets.  One thing I like is the way information is done.  It offers “instant update” of whom you follow are up to.  Twitter is unstoppable and until now soaring high as mainstream social media.  Because of this I could say, “Its better to tweet than not.”

One problem with social media is that it is influential and addictive.  It can easily affects your mindset, emotion, and probably your actions.  They say one should be careful on how you use Twitter.

But, “Twitter is very useful” to most businesses with goods or services.  If you have lots of followers, chances are better production of sales.  How?  By leaving “tweet” with a link to your own products or services.  Through this, your faithful followers will go to your tweet to read it.  In this way, it leads followers to buy your products or services.

For newbie, best practices are producing quality tweets and having faithful followers.  The main goal is to have lots and lots of faithful followers.  There are many different of ways to have lots of faithful followers.  The two most important things are connecting and discovering new things.  One in particular that is very helpful is to buy twitter tweets.  Share your tweet links to other social media or your website/blog.  Retweeting your followers tweet and commenting to their tweets.  Update your Twitter page and post recent tweets from time to time.  If you post a tweet, respond immediately to favorites, messages and retweets.  Always check and respond to your interactions and mentions page.  Follow those who follow back and unfollow those unfollow you.  You should carefully balance your quality followers and following lists.  Do check the discover page everytime you log to your Twitter page.  To get notice, favorite tweets posted in the homepage that you like.  And be active in posting hashtags trends (#_____) that suites your interest.

As a result, you will have a powerful, useful and helpful tool.