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I won’t let Boo be like Obie

January 30, 2013

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dachshund dog photo

Upon surfing the Internet through search engines I’ve read about ObieObie is a hotdog, a dachshund.  Boo is same as Obie, a doxie, but with black-brown fur.  I felt sad when I’ve seen Obie’s photo in the Internet.  He is obese which vet says is a disease variant.  He became sensational in the net because of his rare case.  Vanatta, Obie’s custodian, posted about Obie’s photo through Facebook page in search for help and support in dieting Obie.

Because of this, thousands flock to like Obie’s FB page.  Then a lot of alarming issues had arisen in websites, blogs, news and media.  One in particular is the custody case that was.  The Oregon Dachshund Rescue team wants Obie to be rescued.  They decided to take the dog instead of leaving it to its custodian.  Eventually, the case ended up letting the responsibilities to Vanatta.

So what happened to Obie and Vanatta now?  Now, Obie is 49 pounds 6 ounces as of January 2013.  Through people’s support, Obie did achieve this much of weight.  This is a tremendous success to rescue Obie and what a relief.  In order to protect his spine, Obie is wearing a harness for both spine and chest support.  Still, Obie needs a lot more exercise and dieting to do.  Now, he has a FB page called The Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition.

cute dog photo
Another thing, what diet program did Vanatta prepared to achieve this much?  Through branded dog food company, they created a low-fat high-protein diet for ObieObie only eats 2 cups of food and defecates by walking outside the house.

This is a great success for Obie who almost ended dead.  And this only proves that anything is possible if you believe.  And everyone should know about Obie’s case whatever pet(s) they have.  If you think your pet is becoming like Obie, visit your vet.  Don’t let this happen to your own unconditionally loving pet.

This reminded me of my pet Boo a mini doxie.  This lead me to read more articles about obesity in dachshund.  Obesity in dogs are likely related on how humans acquire obesity.  Lifestyle, diet, and lack of exercise are the common culprit.  The worse scenario as a result of it are tremendously numerous.  Like diabetes mellitus, arthritis, gastrointestinal disease, respiratory conditions, stroke, cancer, etc.  I’m lucky Boo is in good shape until now.  He is not overweight and I won’t let him be.  I promise to feed him right and let him walk to exercise.  And most importantly give him the love and care that he needs.

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