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How to start collecting art?

January 06, 2013

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A young friend entrepreneur asked me this query through e-mail just a few days before he got his own work earned bonuses of which given me an idea instead of posting through his e-mail box perhaps I could just send a link of an article about it.  He was asking me how to start collecting art and I explained promptly to refer to my article about “things I collect” at my gallery page just to give him an upfront idea in doing such. 

In addition to this, before I explain how to start collecting art, one should know what is art collecting.  Most people say it is an act to select and choose to gather in order to safely keep and consider being your own possession any type of creative output is art collecting is all about and the thing(s) from this creative output is referred to as art collection.

Another thing, a person collects art for a reason such as personal, status-co, etc.  Personal interest is the most likely reason why.  If you have great interest or likelihood in art, having great desire to create ordinary things to a new one, or perhaps admires the creator of such are the most possible reasons why a person personally collects art.  Sometimes, if a person have such collection whether simple stamps or great masterpieces of art, it makes a person’s “status-co” idle through the eyes of other people in the society.  Others collect as an addition to their assets which makes it profitable especially if the things they have collected are highly valuable.  Sadly, some people become “too obsess” in collecting things which makes them to be labeled as a “hoarder” or worse “thief" and even to some they are labeled as “taboo collectors” because of “weird” collections they insanely obsessively possessed.

interesting photo art
The Player
oil pastel on paper by Pa Ul
Anyone could start collecting art whether young or old, rich or poor because “anything is possible” as long as you have the desire or passion in doing so.  Also, art collecting is timeless.  You can start collecting anytime whenever you like to whether today or tomorrow or in the future.

So, if you have already decided to collect art now here’s how to start.  It is best to consider first your budget, what things you want to collect, do your homework in researching about the details on things you want to collect and the artist’s portfolio, be very selective keeping in mind not to hoard, attend art fairs and shows, galleries, or meet the artist(s) website online in the Internet or directly.

Depending on your capability to purchase such things still it is empirical to consider your budget.  Some collectors are very strategic in doing such.  They have started from a low budget collection and now gaining a lot from it.  How they have done it?  Some pointers, I guess, I have already mentioned above.  A well-organized strategic plan is the best key in the beginning considering your budget.  Interest, desire or passion is another thing to consider when starting to collect art.  In the beginning, you should only collect art that you really like or love considering the things to be “worth collecting.”  Do your homework and research.  By researching, studying relevant details regarding the art piece and the artist’s background it will be very helpful in enlightening anyone in decision making whether to collect or not.  It is also advisable not to hoard such things.  Most great art collectors of today don’t possess all the expensive art masterpieces but are only a few, categorized and selected.  Also being socially inclined through fairs, galleries or the artist(s) create the biggest impact in selecting your collection of art pieces.  The idle time to do this is during the opening.  Or perhaps you can easily browse a lot of artworks and prints in online galleries in the Internet like for example shop for art in Glasgow.  Through these, you will have the chance to meet and talk directly to the artist(s), meet other collectors (new or old), and a lot of art enthusiasts.