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2012 Giveaway Winner

January 02, 2013

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Year 2012 has been a great journey for Pa Ul, an emerging artist online in the Internet, in which professional authors(writers) in every facet or aspect of niche useful informative websites began to contribute a piece of their own tips, tricks and ideas in making life easier for an artist online.  Through these contributions even I was indulge with such informative useful articles which given me simple possible ways and ideas in making my own artistic path online easier.  Complete list of articles regarding the contributor for the 2012 giveaway can be viewed here at Want a Giveaway.

interesting photo art
2012 contributors photos
13 Contributors
Elle, a traveller and contributor of Traveller lounges in Gatwick, is our first contributor.  Her idea about “6 list of amazing cities with the best art galleries in the world” was informative in a way that it has given a reader or an artist details where to find the world’s best galleries an artist must visit when travelling.
Emily Hall a UK born freelance professional writer given us some tips on how to find the best Christmas Party venues.  This article is useful to the artist in which I bet most artists are engaged into socialization through galleries and most probably in venues like this.
Alicia Avory is an entertainment and travel writer from Manchester, UK in which her tips about the “best water sports in the US” are helpful in which given us ideas where to find this water sports specific treat for a traveller.
Log Analyzer is a website in which they contributed about “top art museums anyone should visit” in the world is also relevant to the artists in which these museums caters the best art masterpiece in the history of Art throughout the years.
Anna Matthews an engineer and now managing her own travel business in Wales idea on travelling was very informative especially for wanna-be travellers in order to make a new perspective in life.

Jo Harris, an outreach director of Morgan Law Firm and professional writer in the US, topic about “5 health benefits of a raw food diet” is helpful if anyone would like to convert to a diet like this in which anyone’s top priority is maintaining a good health.  He also contributed another article about “5 tips to improve a child’s dental health.”

Also, Alicia Avory once again contributed about “most watched theatre shows in London” in which is also useful for anyone who would like to unwind in a theatre.

interesting photo art
pencil drawing on paper by Pa Ul
Lindsey Davis, a New York born prolific writer and editor-in-chief of Artsia which was our first advertiser, contribution about interviewing such talented artists like Martin Blender is superb in which anyone can get a dose of this artist’s magnificent works of art and about this artist background too.

SEO/Internet Marketing
Tommy Stretton contributes about “Twitter tips” was informative in which any businesses especially the artists can easily grasp simple ways to make the best out of twitting.  Also, his idea about “growing your business with Twitter” is useful.
Ben Francia, an Internet Marketer, from the Philippines idea about simple “online Internet marketing tips for the artists” is useful in which it encompasses the ways and hows to start up an artist e-business online.

Laura Jajko “ways to select the best art frames” is engaging and very useful especially for the artists.  She is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at American Frame.
Karen Kesteloot is an art teacher and owner of Portprep a website that helps high school students to assess and write the best art portfolios in order for them to be successfully admitted in prestigious art schools especially in the US.
Elie-Rose Williams from Printer Prix idea about simple ways on how to bring art into anyone’s home was useful especially if you are on a budget in order to beautify your household interior.

James Smith is a writer that encompasses anything related to pet in which finding online pet accessories for your pet is useful for pet lovers like us.

This year’s mechanics is very simple in which every contributors obliged to it when submitting their own written article through email.

Overall criteria since start was solely based on comments, but since there were no comments yet on each article post related to each topics Pa Ul decided to upgrade the criterion to number of viewers and shares in social networks, search engines and on this website of an article, and most importantly its relevance to this website's audience.  So, in conclusion, the article with the most shares and viewers and best relevance will win.

interesting photo art
Laura Jajko
2012 giveaway winner
And the winner is Laura Jajko.  Congratulations to the winner.  The winner will be notified through an e-mail and the art piece will be finally handed through mail.

Winning Piece
The winning art work is entitled “Windstruck” an unframed drawing created on paper sized 6x6 inches by the artist Pa Ul.

Thank you to all contributors on this year 2012 giveaway promo and also to all viewers/readers of this website.  Await for next years giveaway promo.