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When Choosing a Brush Cleaner

December 06, 2012

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A brush cleaner is a solvent use by oil and/or acrylic painters in order to remove paint residues from the brushes.  During the old times, artists use paint thinner, turpentine, and/or gas to wipe out these residues with a cloth which sadly easily worn out bristle brushes.  Throughout the years, a lot of issues and discussions emerged such as side effects upon use of these solvents.  These solvents comprise of hazardous toxic chemical elements when in contact to the skin will cause some allergic reactions or if it enters the body will cause poisoning.  Some of these solvents are flammable.  It also causes harm to the environment and with fumes.  So, when choosing a brush cleaner considers taking note the following.

Ingredients.  Read the label and/or its brochure about the solvent’s chemical materials used whether or not it contains a lot of hazardous chemicals.  A paint solvent with lesser toxic chemicals is better to use than any other brands.

Causation.  Does the product causes a lot of minor or major side effects to our body?  By researching about the product in the Internet in websites or forums you will be able to grasp some input about this.  If it does, then alternatively choose the right product which has lesser or no side effects.  Also, does it worn out bristle brushes easily or does it keep the brushes intact and can it recondition dried residues from brushes.

Legality.  Is the solvent patented, tested, high quality standard, approved by government authorities as safe to use, etc.?  One of the safety bases to take into consideration about the product is its legality.  If the product passes such approvals then it must be good.

Quality.  If the product is noted to be legal as stated above, it must be a high quality solvent which an artist must use.  Poor quality products are always left behind sometimes banned and on the other hand quality products outweigh everything.

Affordability.  Depending on your budget, you may purchase small or large ounces of paint solvents of your liking.  It is best to purchase such product when needed to minimize stocking it for a long time that may cause possible accidents.

Think before you purchase a paint solvent.  Is it non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, with no fumes, sustainable, reusable, came from recycled materials, environmental friendly, does it rinses easily, or can it be use indoors?

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