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River Cruise for an Hour

December 14, 2012

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It was a thrilling fun and exciting adventure being on a river cruise for an hour ride in a big bangka boat made of bamboos which occupy numerous numbers of people to pass through the rivers of Bayaos, Dawel, Pantal which are among the seven rivers of Dagupan City that include Calmay, Paldakit, Tanap, Patogcawen and Magueragday.  In my mind, I am hesitant to ride on this kind of vessel because I am honestly not confident to ride on it due to the fact that I am incapable of swimming through these channels of deep rivers though I know how to swim in a pool.

interesting photo art
kubo in a river
interesting photo art
colorful boats

There are two vessels to choose from one is a boat that can accommodate 25 people and the other one is larger which can occupy 50 passengers.  As they say, these echo-friendly and efficient boats are safe to ride in order taste a piece of journey throughout the greenish waters of these rivers for an hour.  An echo-tourist will surely enjoy while riding on these vessels a beautiful blue sky surrounded with mangroves and the cool breeze of the wind.  It was envisioned that soon kayaks and restaurants will be established for the benefit of those who loves this kind of adventure on this docking station by the river.  For the meantime, rates are very affordable for each two types of boats for an hour trip.  Also, snacks and refreshments are available nearby.

interesting photo art
fish sculptures
interesting photo art
me standing beside the colorful fish sculpture piece

Indeed, I felt at peace with Mother Nature while riding on the boats which gave me serenity to be once again happy.  The fresh windy breeze of the wind that touches my arms and body and the beautiful blue sky reminded me how lucky I am to be at this state and experience the cruise.  This indeed is a rewarding experience to make.

Here is the map in order to get there.

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