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23 Days Before Christmas, what I did

December 02, 2012

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interesting photo art
Manor Hotel
Camp John Hay, Baguio City
me and my ex-girlfriend best friend checked in here

interesting photo art
Pine Trees
trees located at the back of Manor Hotel

After surfing the Internet, fetching my blog and its social influences through likes and comments, I then decided to go to the mall to unwind.  I was strolling at the nearby mall yesterday when finally my ex-girlfriend and I met after a decade.  Since I was at the middle of the escalator and she was just around in front of the escalator in a store, I approached her and she talked back and I asked for us to sit in a chair at the food court to talk.  We talked for few hours about sensical and funny things of what had happen and still happening now in our lives.

interesting photo art
I like this photo post because I look thinner here

interesting photo art
the tall Christmas tree at my back was
really catchy and I like it

She was my best friend.  I broke up with her in college due to the fact that I am just being honest to myself and to her about my sexual preference.  She was hurt, but she eventually understands.  What important is our friendship and until now we are best of friends.

interesting photo art
at the hotel's lobby

interesting photo art
I like this photo post in a  way it was shot

Two years after we broke up, I had no means of communication with her, in fact, lost it and I thought she was still in Dubai working as a chef at the five star hotel there but what a coincidence unexpectedly we met.  After a few hours of talking through text messaging, we decided to go to John Hay to unwind and stroll around the following day.  We first planned to go to Tagaytay, Cebu or perhaps Singapore but I said it's too far and before we arrive there we are already tired and doesn't have the interest to travel or stroll around also considering our budget.

interesting photo art
Mile Hi Center
strolling around

interesting photo art
Mile Hi Center
since we arrived earlier than expected only a few
people strolling around which makes this aisle look empty

And so we arrived at our destined place today here at the mountainous province Baguio City.  We ate lunch, checked in at the hotel, stroll around the streets, ate more at restaurants and cafes, watched fireworks and bar hopping at night then go back at the hotel, and in the morning went to eat and finally went home.  Spending time with my best friend has never been boring because we laugh a lot about different topics and stories we talked about while traveling.

Here is a map in order to get to John Hay.

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