You will need a social media strategy when you plan on achieving more on social media than a personal profile to stay connected to friends. Today social media is a well-established marketing platform where big and small businesses connect with their audience directly. There are several social media platforms to choose from. Every business can find a platform that suits their brand and marketing strategies. While some of the big brands prefer twitter, most of the new businesses find Instagram to be most effective. No matter what the platform is, every business needs a social media strategy to carry out its marketing campaigns and advertisements. These steps will help your business build effective social media strategies.

Learn about your audience

Know the type of audience that will be interestest in your product or service. While the boomers still prefer Facebook, millennials are moving to Instagram, and Twitter is for those who want to be quick. When you know your audience, you will be able to communicate exclusive ideas to them. Some of the things you will need to consider while finding your audience will be age, location, average income, typical job title, interests, etc. When you know what your audience, customers, and fans need, you can make easy targets on social media.

Learn about your competition

Another important that you will need to know about is your competition in the market. Your competition may already be on social media gathering their audience. But you can use it as an advantage to learn from their strategies. When you conduct a competitive analysis, you get to know how good or bad they are doing compared to you. It will help you set your own targets in the industry. It is okay to track their activities on their social media page as it will help you to learn any effective method that they use.

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Do a social media audit

Create space between your work hours once a week or month to learn about your social media progress. Check what is working and what is not. Learn who is working with you and the role of each influencer for your company. How is your performance compared to your competitor? What networks can be more effective for your target audience? Etc. Once you get this information, you can plan to improve your strategies. When you do the audit, you may also discover fake accounts that are using your name. They can be harmful to your brand so you should report them immediately.

Learn from the success stories of others who used social media to grow their business. Case studies of such businesses can help in offering valuable insights that you can apply on your own social media channel.


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