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Pampering Myself with a Thai Massage

November 10, 2012

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interesting art photo
this is what I look like when I am in stress which is
an oily face that looks very very tired

What a stressful day!  I went to my bank which is Unionbank, regarding my card to use as transfer for  Paypal payments from my online clients to my ATM card in order for me to encash money through any Megalink ATM machines, to complain about unresponsiveness regarding my emails and multiple call attempts on their phone line customer services given me a stressful day which means I must travel back and forth for three hours just to do this.  I even posted a complaint on their Facebook page of which I noticed a lot of customers are complaining about this bank's card poor quality of service.  Some post comments were funny and interesting.  Pardon if I posted a "senecal truth" about their poor service regarding the said card in their Facebook's page.  Well, I just burst into flames of sadness and a little anger because it has been three weeks since I open up this account and no professional actions by the bank were undertaken at all.

interesting photo art
before I went through a body massage I had this

Upon arrival to the bank, the customer service personnel inside the bank entertained my concern who is cute and polite, so I never given him any signs of rudeness.  We had a good conversation which ended up resolving the said complaint.  To make it short, I am able now to withdraw money from my card but still the "get verified" issue regarding connecting my PayPal account to my ATM card is still a working progress to resolve.  Patience is a virtue they say but sometimes it gets into your nerves when you badly needed to get what you want at the moment and cannot wait.  Oh, well what can I do I have to wait for the verifications to finally close this issue.

interesting photo art
I removed my shirt and
changed my shorts 

Meticulously while walking along the street I encountered this Nuat Thai Massage of which they are in promo for 300 box an hour of Thai massage.  I then went inside this cozy relaxing place in order to relieve my stress.  The music inside the spa was magical and soothing to the ears.  I paid first the fee then the masseuse told me to keep my things and shoes inside the locker for awhile and then held my foot to perform this foot spa.  After the foot spa, I went inside a dark room with a deem lite of light to remove my shirt and change my shorts into a thin cotton shorts provided by the said spa and lie down the soft cushioned bed.  Then I told the masseuse I am ready and he went inside to start the massage.

nice photo art
a nice decorative towel turned into a flower

The guy who massaged my whole body was not so cute but at least he is very good in doing his thing.  His technique is exquisitely elicited the way I want it to be which given me a relaxing sensation upon each strokes of his hands touching my body and the hard kneading pressure was a little ticklish but good and relaxing.  I even had a cup of tea after the massage was executed.  I will definitely come back to this place again because I did feel relaxed with lesser muscle aches on my lower back.

interesting photo art
a free cup of tea after massage