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Breaking Dawn, A Common Ending

November 20, 2012

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Finally, it is Saturday and it is time to go outing at the mall with my sister, my nephew and cousins.  We planned to first stroll around the mall, ate at McDonalds for merienda, buy snacks and also tickets for the movie we all eager to watch, Breaking Dawn.  After watching this movie, we ate our late noon lunch at 3 o'clock in Mang Inasal.  Though I posted this article a few days late, here is my point of view.

The Twilight Saga Part 2 Breaking Dawn is such a breathe-taking thrilling movie in which a twist and turn of the story finally been revealed.  Sadly, this is the last chapter of the famous book written by Stephenie Meyer.  There was also a humor entertainment issue about Kristen Stewart "Bella" in the movie having an affair with a director from her previous film Snow White and the Hunter of which destroyed her image to the society and people who admires her movies which made the final saga interesting.

The story revolves around the birth of a child named Renesmee conceived by Bella in the human form now turned to be a "new born" vampire in order to live.  One day while at play out in the snowy woods Bella, the child Renesmee, and Jacob the werewolf were seen by a previous pack-mate Irina a vampire too and ran to report to the council of vampire leaders Volturi in which they forged their legions to do an uneventful visit to Bella's pack of which they planned to kill the child Renesmee.  Knowing this, Edward's pack formed an alliance or group of vampires to face the consequences of initiating a battle leading to anyone's death with the Volturi group in order to protect the child.

Then came the day of the said meet up between the Volturi and Bella's group of which they tried to convince the leader of the Volturi that the child is half-human and half-immortal vampire in which will do no harm about vampires alike.  Suddenly, Alice a vampire whom belongs to Bella's group insisted to the leaders of the Volturi about the future of which she foreseen.

It made me almost realized that the war really did happen and there are lots of death occurred in between the two groups.  After foreseeing the future, the leader of the Volturi forced his group to back-off and they all went away of which the vision of Alice never come to reality.

In my opinion, the ending of the story is so lame and common happy ending movie plot.  It could have been more exciting and thrilling if the battle really do exist of which a lot of concluding questions about the story might arise or left unrevealed which will keep the book itself more valuable but truly that was not the case after all this is just a fictional book story turned into a movie.