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Before I Watched Wreck-it Ralph

November 19, 2012

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interesting art photo

I have been quite bored today in the house during this hot humid early morning so I decided to fetch myself to watch a movie Wreck-it Ralph which is a family-oriented movie good for kids and young at heart.  Yes, I know, it is the season of the famous book finale and movie The Twilight Saga which is Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Well, what can I do, I was a day ahead of the pre-screening of this movie which is on the 15th.  Anyway, I also love 3D cartoons like Pixer's Brave and a lot more so it is okay for me to watch Wreck-it Ralph.

It was just 11:00 a.m. when I arrived at the mall and did secure a movie ticket ahead of time before the movie start which is at 12:30 p.m.  I did even went to Cinema 2 booth to enter but the security guard won't let me since it is too early to enter.

interesting photo art

So, I decided to eat lunch while awaiting.  I got only 300 box on my pocket so I should be choosy what to eat.  I then decided it must be Chowking.  I like how they presented this unique Siapao and noodle soup with soda which is very tasteful and fun to eat.

interesting photo art

After eating my lunch for 30 minutes, I strolled around the mall and pass by at Dunkin Donut of which I ate this two sweet unique donuts one with an oval shaped dark chocolate and the other one a tiny donut on a stick and also ordered a cup of hot coffee.  Besides eating this donuts, I had a fun time scrutinizing my mobile photo's social networks by liking, commenting and posting.

interesting wall clock

While walking going back, I passed by this artistically designed house which is The Elves & The Shoemaker.  It seems like enchanting, magical of which when you enter you will feel the presence being inside a house of Christmas Elves.  The things elves posses like arts & crafts, wooden shoes, socks, and the decorative large wall clock amazingly beautiful.

interesting movie photo

After doing all these, I went back to the Cinema and finally I was allowed to enter now to watch.  The movie is about Ralph a bad guy icon from a child video game box from an arcade cafe who got bored of his route day to day doing of things he called job on his game and things he also do after the game.  He urge to have attention from his peers on the Pent House to gain respect, honor, friendship and love.  Because of this, he got depressed and encountered another character from another video game Heroes Duty where he eagerly succeeded to get a badge of golden coin necklace.  Along the way, Ralph went through a lot of mischief, fun, adventure and most of all lessons in Sugar Rush video game.  Eventually, Ralph helped a little girl they called a glitch child return her memory and retrieving her own video game from the wicked King Candy who is actually Turbo.  Also, characters from Ralph's Game Wreck-it Ralph learned how valuable a bad guy like Ralph is to their game because of this they finally learned how to give Ralph's really want which are respect, honor, friendship and love.