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Different Colors of Life

August 21, 2012

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digital art design
Band-aided World
digital art by Pa Ul
our world is wounded because of...
I wish there was a band-aid remedy for this
It was way back after graduating from college when I was first invited to a descent local art exhibition.  So, how I ended with this?  The story goes like this.  I was a fresh graduate from college in my professional degree as a therapist.  In order for me to patch-up my boring summer days and weeks at home for months, I began to refill my time into something valuable and interesting which is art.  I had some small-time commissions during my younger years like portraits, still life, etc.  I relinquished to begin this passion of mine during that summer days since being on hibernated state in art because I was very focused on my studies in college that time.

Through my journey of buying art materials during that time, I encountered certain group of youths of which I became friends with who were passionate also in the arts.  Eventually, they invited me for a local art show.  This was my first time to be invited in an art show of which I was very ignorant on how things going on such endeavor.  The exhibition was entitled "Different Colors of Life" which emphasis the different diversities of people around us and their unique way of life.  The show is exhibited by 10 youth artists including me, of course.  Our curator chosen two recent paintings created by each of us to be exhibited at that time.  We spent our time in organizing and setting up things like our invitation brochure, visitors, programs, and campaign.  Our opening night was a success because some of my co-exhibitors artworks were bought during that time.  It was fun.  It was a memorable experience to me since that was my first group exhibition with fellow youths.  I learned a lot through that and gained friends and fans.