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Abed Malhas

April 01, 2012

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Abed Malhas was born on April 11, 1949 in Ahmad, Jordan.  He is a single gentleman and by profession is an architect.  He is also inclined to art photography and an inventor.  He was a recipient of 10 International Awards.  He speaks Arabic and English.  Currently, he is residing at 8th Circle Ahmad, Jordan.

group logo photo
logo by Abed
He is the founder of CASA (Care and Share Art) which aims to unify world artists globally young and old.  Among the objective of CASA are as follows Art Olympics (equivalent to Olympic Games), the prestigious Nobel Prize for Children which showcases exceptional excellence among the gifted at a young age, also CASA aims a Global Genius Village which is a village or place for few chosen gifted children worldwide to be together in this village to nurture more their creative giftedness.

One day through my journey in Facebook I met Abed.  I got curious about his advocacy on CASA so I created a blog to share in Genius Village.  One of my first study blogs is Artekoto.  As a virtual friend and artist in our group Global Artist Circle (GAC), Abed is a simple and very humble gentleman.  He is kind enough to post a link for GAC blog page on CASA's page.  His vision to unite gifted children, create Olympics for the Arts and Nobel for Children inclined in Arts are all great.

For further information regarding CASA do get in touch with Abed.