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Now that you have your social media account open, what can you possibly do to gain quick followers. Creating an audience is a major task in social media, as you may need to spend days and weeks to get your first thousand followers. But that is only when you do not have these ten social media marketing tips.

Twitter mining

For a new blogger, on twitter, at first, you should be more focused on developing your audience rather than creating your content. Twitter has different lists based on the interest of people or their geographical regions. Dig into these lists to find a relevant person you can follow and then dig in their lists to find like-minded people. Soon, you may find a gold mine of people who will be interested in your account.

Analyze past content

Go back to your past posts and find out which posts did well among your audience. There are many tools to help you with that, including BuzzSumo. If some of your content performed better in one platform than the other, you could create individual content for every platform with effective keywords.

Optimize Visual content

Another important thing that you need to upgrade in your content is your visual content. When you create such content, think of ways it can drive the traffic back to your website. Linking a short video back to your website from Instagram or Youtube can give you the right amount of traffic.

Maximize image posts

Twitter has over 500 million tweets sent every day, which is also the chances of your content getting noticed by people. Creating the best possible tweet for your business also requires an attractive picture that you can show to your audience. Adding visual appeal to your tweet is a smart way to get noticed on twitter.


Use different content formats

You should know different ways of using your content when it comes to posting it on different platforms. Written content will be ineffective when you post it on Youtube. Similarly, videos may not get as much exposure on a WordPress website as it will on Youtube. So the choice of your content type should depend on the platform. You can even take snippets from your content and create images to put on Pinterest and Instagram.

Be consistent with the content

If you stop posting on social media, your present audience will start forgetting about you and will be less interested in what is going on in your company if you show up once in a blue moon. You will need a team that can consistently post on social media channels to keep your audience active and engaged. You can create content categories to keep track of the types of posts that you are posting regularly.


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