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Let Righteousness Win the Day – a Case of a Poor Child and a Kind Priest

April 21, 2014

Elmer Jr and Father Reynolds
Elmer Jr. and Father Reynolds at Camp John Hay
Priests can get a bad reputation.  In older times they were accused of grabbing lands, hoarding the donations to their churches and then spending it all on worldly pleasures.  These days, priests are more often accused of pedophilia, and it is rampant enough to be a cover-all accusation whenever a priest tries to serve a specific group of children.  This is currently the case with Father Daniel S. Reynolds, a rabbi serving in Baguio City, Philippines.  A long-serving member of the community, Father Reynolds is currently being accused of pedophilia in the case of a child named Elmer Jr.

Elmer Jr. was, and still currently is, being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by his actual family.  The two of them met when Elmer confessed to Father Reynolds about how he was being abused at home, and so the kind father tried to help the boy, by distributing rosaries with him.  Whenever Elmer tried to talk to his mother about his problems at home, he only got laughed at.  However, Elmer’s mother, Alicia Paayas Balad, found out that the boy was spending time with the priest.  She signed a document allowing Elmer to spend time with the priest, and so he was taken by the priest.

In the company of Father Reynolds, Elmer was able to get his basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter, as well as medical treatment for the abuses that Elmer received from his family. Father Reynolds also brought Elmer to places like Camp John Hay in Baguio as well as places further away like Manila.  Father Reynolds also gave Elmer lessons in English and Hebrew as well as gifts like an Igorot costume.  Eventually, Mrs. Balad even gave written consent for Elmer to study abroad as long as Father Reynolds would be the one spending for it.

However, recently Mrs. Balad managed to isolate Elmer from the priest and disallowed him from receiving any help, medical or otherwise, from Father Reynolds.  She accuses him of giving drugs to the child, as well as trying to separate Elmer from his family, friends, and culture.  She is doing this with the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), who requested that Father Reynolds pay for a psychiatric evaluation.

To add insult to injury towards Father Reynolds’s good intentions, the DSWD is slandering Father Reynolds, using the common accusation of pedophilia towards his actions.  His duties that he has been performing for his life for the spiritual and material benefit of the community are now being distorted to present a false image with him as a molester.  There is no evidence of Father Reynolds doing anything wrong towards anyone, and now he is being forced through entrapment to stop even the simplest, most harmless activities, such as distributing rosaries to the community and playing the gong for crowds.  He is even being told to stop performing priestly duties like lecturing and holding sessions for people as well as helping people who need it.

The DSWD has also been shutting down Father Reynolds’s parish down since April 12 – a day before Holy Week.  Currently, they are also agitated towards Father Reynolds’s defense since he is able to present his side of the story to the community.

And now it is up to you.  Please don’t just read this. Take a side. Read the DSWD’s statements on the matter if you must, and then read more about Father Reynolds’s defense.  The Philippines can still improve one small case at a time.  Take a stand; share this article with your friends.  Be informed on how the government agencies work.  Let righteousness win the day.
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Understanding Proportion When Using a Mat Board

April 18, 2014

The latest custom framing project that we took on was an interesting one, which required a three dimensional piece of art which was to be protected and displayed between two pieces of acrylic. In this case, it was a paper fish that was brightly painted and lightly stuffed!

The look that the customer wanted to achieve was the appearance that the fish was actually floating between the two pieces of acrylic by hanging it from a piece of string from the top of the frame.  Within this tutorial, we will show you exactly how we went about framing this 3D art without having to use a shadow box.

In essence, the technique involved creating a kind of faux shadow box, when all was said and done.  To complete the task, we needed the artwork itself, as well as a metal frame, two pieces of acrylic, and some EconoSpace spacers.

The steps that we took were as follows:
  1. Take the acrylic and peel the protective paper from one side.  Wipe the area clean of any dust particles that may have settled onto the acrylic’s surface through the use of an anti-static cleaning brush. Set the artwork, face-up, onto the acrylic.
  2. Measure (twice) and cut the spacers.  Make the cuts for the spacers meant for the long sides first, then make the measurements and the cuts for the spacers for the shorter sides.  Cutting the spacers will require scissors, wire cutters, electrician’s pliers, or a Stanley knife.
  3. Peel the protective paper off the spacers and attach them to the acrylic’s edge.  Keep in mind that spacers have a matte side and a shiny side.  If you are using a matte frame, place the matte side inward.   If you are using a shiny frame, place the shiny side inward.  We stacked the spacers three high for this particular project to ensure that the artwork would not be crushed between the two pieces of acrylic.  Make certain that you select a frame that will be deep enough for the acrylic, the artwork, and the spacers, combined.  The frame rabbet measurements as well as those of the thickness of the framing materials can all be found on our website.
  4. Once you have stacked all of your spacers, then the outcome will be a kind of faux shadow box.  Peel the protective paper backing off the unused piece of acrylic.  Don’t forget to use the anti-static brush to clean the surface of dust and other particles.  Place the exposed and dusted side of the acrylic down on the spacers stack.
  5. Since the desired look was to have the artwork hanging from a string at the top of the frame, we made sure to attach the string to the outside of the frame stack.  In order to make certain that it was secure, it was taped to the spacers using a piece of linen tape, trimming away the excess.
  6. The last step was the removal of the remaining paper backings from the back and front of the frame stack.  All of the paper should be removed at this point.  Give the acrylic a cleaning if It appears that there is any dust or debris on it.  Assemble the frame’s three sides and slide the stack into the track that is formed.  Set the last piece of the metal frame into place and attach by tightening the backing angles to that final side.
This fun stuff is all that was needed for the three dimensional artwork to be displayed in a faux shadow box and secured into a metal frame.

This post was written by Laura Jajko.  Laura is VP of Marketing at AmericanFrame.com, the nation’s leading online source for custom frames, mat board, archival digital printing services and picture framing supplies. For other inspiring picture framing and design ideas, visit her blog, A Good Frame of Mind; and join her on Twitter @laurajajko and Google+.
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At a Rain Forest Resort on my Birthday

April 17, 2014

blown the candles
They say Malaysia is a very affordable country to travel.  I am urging to see the beautiful “twin tower” called Petronas.  Also, see and smell the biggest flower in the world, which can only be found in this country named Rafflesia despite its obscure appearance and foul-smelling smell. I am also dying to see Legoland, the largest theme park of beautiful constructible colorful objects of various designs and sizes.  I love Lego. But, all these dream trip and travel to Malaysia dispersed when I chose to spend my birthday with my family, friends, and relatives.
chocolate cake gift
Why?  First of all, I got frightened to travel when I’ve seen the scary news of the lost airplane from Malaysia.  So, a week after the tragic incident, I called the airline and cancelled my trip. Of course, my dream trip to Malaysia continues to linger perhaps someday I will be there. 
night time celebration
But, I have no regrets!  I’m happy.  I made other people happy and I’m glad they have a good time swimming in the pool, eating, drinking, karaoke.  We all have fun that day and night celebration of my birthday.
me at resort
Thank you to all your greetings and gifts. Last but not the least, thank you God for another year in my life.
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Butterfly, a Novel by Julie O'Yang

April 14, 2014

Butterfly by Julie O'Yang
When we think, when we process all that transpires around us, we generate an inner dialogue.  An inner voice that tell us a story.  The story of our life, and of the world around us.  When a piece of this story, some fact or imagine does not fit we discard or modify it so as our story may continue.  We become entirely engaged by this story, gaining insight and perhaps a little wisdom from it.

The very best of writers offer us their work so that we may become submerged with in it.  Their story become ours for a time.  How deeply we descend, and how long we might stay depends on the level of connection established between the author and the writer.  More than a suspension of disbelief, a temporary replacement of the readers inner story with that supplied by the author.

Butterfly by Julie O’Yang is such a tale.  The reader is transported away in Ms. O’Yang’s loving if not always gentle care.  Transported to another time and place with remarkable skill and patience.  The author understands well the beauty of language and wields her pen with delight.  The unreasonable demands of our daily lives will sadly drag us back, yet we have gained by our journeys, thanks to the wit and wisdom of Julie O’Yang.

This review is written by Douglas Mathewson of Blink-Ink. Buy your copy of Butterfly on Amazon. It's also available as an eBook on Lelivro.
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What to Expect at Calgary Real Estate?

April 07, 2014

Calgary Real Estate Team
Calgary real estate agents Cliff Stevenson and his team created a website for easier access to viewing possible homes in the Calgary state.  The website offers a number of features, including but not limited to, active listings of houses and estates – complete with matching descriptions and images, lists of recent sales, buying and selling tips and even a home evaluation page where you can figure the value of the property you own.  Of course, there is also the information on the group of real estate dealers and how to contact them as well as how to avail of listings by e-mail subscription.

As someone who’s really looking for a nice place to settle down for good, I found Calgary real estate as my primary choice and it surely did not fail me.  The new and active listings are easy to view.  The layout isn't an eyesore and though Calgary real estate doesn't come in cheap, the features found in each of the links can explain why.  The units featured reveal images of the furnishings inside the houses.  The fact that the images move like a nicely done home video makes it feel like you’re seeing everything there yourself.  Better yet, the site has a street view, a bird’s eye view and even a walk score of each property on the list.  It gives you a rough idea of where the property is, of its neighborhood and how far you would be from respective places like restaurants, and even from more important places like school (if you have kids or are studying) and the groceries (in case of emergencies).  The Calgary real estate agents of the site are pretty easy to talk to too.

As a whole, I’m absolutely impressed and I highly recommend them to others looking for a home.
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